Our Manager Lite plan is perfect for small or startup brands who want to buy branded content at scale and reach their ideal target customers using influencer‘s audience data.

This plan includes: 

Total Reach Calculator
Influencer Access
Engagement Calculator
Fully automatized payout

One of the advantages of Manager Lite plan is you don't need to pay a monthly fee to use the platform. Your only cost for using Post For Rent is a 20% service fee every time you pay for an influencers used on a campaign.

For example:

  • Influencer fee is 100$
  • +20%Service fee is 20$
  • Total you'll pay is 120$

You will be able to create public campaigns which allow influencers to join from the 7 main social media platforms of you choice such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and TuneMoji.

Heading over to campaigns will allow you to get things rolling. You’ll need to chose the platform and what kind of posting you require. You may chose single or multiple content as well as defining if you prefer a feed post or a story post.

You will be able to set the criteria for the influencers you want to apply for this particular campaign, you can define a follow range as well as a category.


Once you have influencers applied to you campaign, you can chose who you want to work with and who will make content for your campaign.  You can send bulk messages to all content creators or start individual messages to influencers.

You can also make use of X-ray to analyse any public Account for just 1 token. Making use of the audience information displayed will help you decide whether a creator is the best choice to work with and a perfect fit for your brand.  

Once your campaigns are active you can head over to Your home page for a quick snapshot on whats happening.

Here you’ll find the status of your campaign at a glance- which influencers need approval and what content needs to be reviewed. 

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