This type of campaign is best for you if you want a fully automated campaign.

This campaigne type is only available in Manager Enterprise subscription plan. Just set up a reach and a budget and let our artificial intelligence and machine learning do the rest for you. Here is how can you create one in some easy steps.

New Campaign
First you have to click on New Campaign in the upper right corner.
You can always start it from scratch or just modify one of your existing campaigns.

Basic Settings
Add a name for your campaign, set the countries from which you want the influencers to work with you and also set the amount of content you want from them.
If you also want your influencers to apply with a content proposal (this means you can see the content beforehand) you should check the Enable Preview box.
Choose Reach from the campaign types for a fully automated campaign.

It is always important to write a thorough brief of your expectations about the campaign.
You should write down the purpose of your campaign, add a wording to it, a link to share and some photos for reference.

Influencer Settings
After the Brief you should set the period for you campaign. You should add a starting and an ending date.
Then you should add your budget or your targeted reach and the system automatically suggests you influencers with their potentials.
If you don't like someone in your suggestions you can replace them this last time.

Final Touches
After you have agreed to every suggested influencer and finished the campaign the system sends out an automatic request to the chosen influencers.
Now you just have to wait for their answers and incoming contents.

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