When looking for the perfect influencers for your campaign you can see a handful of different data on their profile after clicking on 'Influencers'. But what do they mean?


  • Content quality means how other brands who have worked with the influencer have rated his/her uploaded content. As you can see this influencer brings quality content!
  • Response rate means how often and how quickly an influencer answers to an incoming message.
  • Chat response time is the average time it takes an influencer to answer an incoming message.
  • Request response time is the average time a brand needs to accept or reject an influencer's request.
  • Request response rate is the percentage of the influencer's accepted campaigns out of all that were requested.

Performance Estimation

Here you can see how many followers the influencer has on each connected platform and what are the different indicators of success you can expect when working with him/her.

Audience Credibility

This percentage means how many of the influencer's followers are real, genuine people and not just paid audience. Here you can see that this influencer's credibility is very high, so your ad will likely reach real people.

Audience Gender

Here you can see the distribution of an influencer's auidence by gender and age. For example with this chart you can see that most of this influencer's followers are females aged between 18-25.

Location by Country

Here you can see the influencer's audience distributed by location. This influencer has the most followers in Poland and in the UK. This can be helpful in geo-location!


Here you can see the most tagged topics under an influencer's posts. Here you can see that this influencer is a real car enthusiast!

Top 5 Engaged UsersĀ 

Registered at Post for Rent

Here you can see other Post for Rent users who are often tagged in the chosen influencer's posts. As you can see for example this influencer has previously worked with Lush.

Audience Brand Affinity

Here you can see those brands with which the influencer's follower base interacts the most. With this insight you'll get a sense of what does the influencer's auidince like most. For example you can see Zara, Calvin Klein, Vogue and Dior in the top 5 brands here, so this means that this specific follower base is made up of fashion enthusiasts.

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