Post for Rent is available for Advertisers for a monthly fee (read more about our subscription packages here) . All newly registered Advertisers are automatically put into a trial period of our services.

The moment you decide to End Your Trial, you will have access to the following features:

  •  Audience credibility score - recognise and filter out fake profiles using our custom algorithm to stay protected from fraudulent influencers.
  • Unique reach calculator - optimise your campaign between engaging influencers who will allow you to reach the highest number of unique people, versus engaging influencers who have a lot of overlap between their audiences, allowing you to target the overlapped audience multiple times, which can prove very powerful.
  • Advanced Influencer Profile Access - see beyond the influencer follower base to understand who they really are. We provide you with full audience demographics, influencer and audience brand affinities, a snapshot of their most popular followers and other crucial data.

What should you do to upgrade from your trial account and access those features now?

  • Go on your profile and select ‘Payment Settings' to register your credit card
  • Select the ‘Subscription' bar on the left menu
  • Click on ‘End Trial' above the subscription plans

After this, the features above will be available in your Standard subscription plan and your monthly payment of $59 will be deducted from your credit card when you end your trial period. You’re all set to start dreaming bigger!

Your trial will end automatically in 7 days, and your account will be suspended automatically without further subscriptions. You will be able to use your account later by logging in, and choosing one of our subscription packages.

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