After your application to a campaign has been accepted, which usually takes 1-2 weeks, you have to deliver quality content to the advertiser.

In order to get the best result possible, you always have to read the BRIEF.

What is a BRIEF?
It's a short description of what you need to do in a campaign. It has information about the platform you have to use and the content you need to deliver.

Where do you find the BRIEF?
On the website - You can find it after clicking on a campaign, under 'Overview'.
In the App - You can find it after clicking on a campaign under 'BRIEF'.

Here you can see a BRIEF from the website and from the App.

Always follow the necessary instructions if you want to satisfy the advertiser.

You should ALWAYS CHECK the following list:

  • Whether you need to upload a preview or not
  • What are the exact products you need to advertise
  • What needs to be the wording of the post
  • Whether it is a story or a post
  • What you need to hashtag under your content
  • The given reference pics (if there are some)

If you follow the instructions above you should have the perfect content for your advertiser and reach that 5 star rating!

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