Paying influencers with products or vouchers is also supported in Post For Rent. Advertisers can start campaigns with barter agreements a lot easier and automated.
You can also pay influencers with money besides giving them products. You can set the payment option in every campaign type and a standalone payment for the influencer, or as a complimentary extra on top of the influencer fee.

Giving products or vouchers to influencers comes with a 20 USD fee per influencer. If you "pay" for the influencers services only with product. When you also give them fee, then the system will calculate with the 10% service fee, but at least 20 USD.
This costs are only in Standard Subscription plan. Pro and Enterprise plans have this feature for free.

First, you need to add your products or vouchers into your profile.

In order to reach your products you have to click on 'Products' in the top right corner.

Here you can see you all of your products and their value.

You can click on 'Add Product' in order to add new products.

Fill out the necessary data, add an image to the product if you want to, then click on 'Save'.

You can also add vouchers for your influencers for which you have to click on 'Add Voucher'.

You can choose between 'Gift Voucher' and 'Mandatory Voucher'.

Here you can see the 'Gift Voucher' option which is an alternative payment method like products.

Gift Vouchers will be sent automatically for Influencers when their post has been approved.

Fill out all necessary data and save your voucher.

You other option is 'Mandatory Voucher' which is necessary for influencers in order to finish working on your campaign.

In this case, the voucher needs to be sent before the post gets done.

Fill out the necessary data the same way and click on 'Save'.

As well as products, vouchers also have a 20 USD fee per influencer.

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