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How to add your bank account
How to add your bank account

Here you can find a way through the App on how to add your bank account if you're an Influencer.

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After you have logged in to your account in the Post for Rent app, you have to click on the menu sign in the left upper corner.

In the Menu you have to pick the 'Platforms & Payment' option.

In the 'Platforms & Payment' section you need to choose 'Payment'. Here you can see the image of a bank card and a '+' sign. You should click on the plus sign.

Here you can add your bank account to your profile.
(1) First you need to choose the country where you bank, and the official currency of your card.
(2) Then you need to fill in your bank account number and your First and Last Name as well.

(4) Lastly you have to fill in info about your current state of residence - your country, the name and ZIP code of the city ย you live in and your address.
(5) Finally you can click on 'Add bank account'. Now you have successfully managed to add your bank account to your profile.

If you have any trouble after adding your bank account do not hesitate to contact us!

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