Post For Rent is an influencer marketing tool for Brands, Agencies, Influencers and Talent Management agencies. 

A marketplace software solution that allows agencies and brands who are marketing their products or services using influencers to: 

  • research & identify influencers based on their audience data, demographics, audience credibility and more. 

  • set up a campaign brief, instructions, deadline, platform and fees based on follower ranges in a streamlined way. 

  • allow influencers to either apply to your campaign, select influencers yourself, manually or automatically. 

  • contact and contract the influencers for the campaign. 

  • send automated payments in as fast as 3 days using our bespoke credit line. 

  • generate and customise full branded reports with content screenshots, campaign results, ROI and more with just one click.

  • and much more. 

Post For Rent is a campaign management tool for influencers and also an outstanding financial service.

Our App is designed to help our network of Influencers work with their favourite brands, and manage their workload using our iOS and Android apps. Additionally, they can direct a brand that they have sourced outside of Post For Rent to launch their campaign through the platform, which will enable the influencer to be paid in up to 3 days (guaranteed) rather than the usual 30 or even 60 days in some cases.

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